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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Heartfelt Special Paper Debut

Good morning!

Time for another new product, Heartfelt Creation has a new 100 pound weight paper especially designed for making flowers!

HCPP1-475     Deluxe Flower Shaping Paper – 50 pack
HCD1-7227      Eyelet Diamond Die
HCD1-7228      LacyDiamond Die
HCD1-7211     Decorative Pocket Accents Die
HCD1-7200     Oakberry Lane Blossoms Die
HCD1-7215     Floral Fashionista Die
HCD1-748        AriannaBlooms Die
HCPC-3608     Arianna Blooms Stamp Set
HCPC-3855     Floral Fashionista Stamp Set
HCFB1-471      3DPetite Floral Shaping Mold
HCPC-3842      OakberryLane Blossoms Stamp Set
HCFB1-469      3DBlossoms Shaping Mold
HCFB1-464      3DFloral Basics Shaping Mold
HCD1-7157    Eyelet Oval & Basics Large Die
HCD1-7156    Eyelet Oval & Basics Small Die
HCDP1-299     Burstof Spring Paper Collection
HCPC-3847    Celebrate Love Sentiments Stamp Set
HCS1-459-3   Assorted Bead Stamens Medium
HCS1-458-3   Bright Bead Stamens Medium
HCS1-459-4    Rock Candy Stamens-Small
ANC814          LettuceEntertain You Prills
ANC803         Minnie Pearls Prills
PGM15015     Rajni Chawla’s Crystal Clear
RACP436        LeafGreen Archival Ink
RACP670       Tiger Lily Archival Ink
RACP531       Vivid Chartreuse Archival Ink
RACP430        DeepPurple Archival Ink
352854          Metal Tip for Adhesive
159723           Dries Clear Adhesive

Other Products:
White cardstock, purple cardstock, Nuvo Sparkle Brush, Liquid Pearls White, Pearls, 3M foam tape

For more tips on creating with the flower shaping molds, watch the tutorial at

Card size: 5 3/8 X 6 3/8”.  Cut and fold white card base.  Cut purple panel 5 1/4 X 6 1/4", glue to white card.  Cut decorative paper 5 X 6”, glue to purple panel.  Cut 2 large and 2 small Decorative Pocket Accents out of purple and make a rectangle frame to fit the decorative paper panel (it helps to do this part on a grid platform like a cutting mat). Cut off any undesired extra from the smaller dies laying under the large in the corners.  Glue the frame onto card.  Cut the Lacy Diamond (inside and outer dies), Eyelet Diamond and oval mat out of purple then starting with the Lacy outer die cut, pop up the layer onto purple frame, next pap up the Eyelet Diamond then pop up the inner part of the Lacy Diamond.  Apply Liquid Pearls to the cross sections of the inner die.  Add pearls to points  and to corners on all purple layers and let Liquid Pearls dry completely. 

Stamp Arianna Blooms and Oakberry Blossoms using Deep Purple, onto the new Deluxe Flower Shaping Paper, sponge with a little Vivid Chartreuse and/or Tiger Lily, die cut and sponge edges with more Deep Purple then use the 3D Shaping Mold (the basic for the Arianna Blooms and the Oakberry for the Oakberry Blossoms.  Stamp Fashionista Floral Blossoms using Vivid Chartreuse and sponge with the same then die cut and form in the 3D Petite Florals Shaping Mold. Stamp leaves with Leaf Green and sponge with Vivid Chartreuse, die cut and form. 

For the Arianna Blooms (purple and green flowers), do some extra pleating with your fingers, glue 3 layers together and then pierce centers and add white Rock Candy and green Beaded stamens.  For the Oakberry (purple and Tiger Lily flowers), glue 2 or 3 layers together then pierce center and add orange Beaded Stamen.  Take 7 of the Petite Florals (tiny green flowers) and add green Beaded Stamen, color the wires green and make a small bouquet to add to then end of your floral arrangement.  The other tiny green flowers have green Prills in the centers.  Arrange flowers and leaves around the left side of the diamond.

Stamp Happy Anniversary using Deep Purple onto white and die cut with the oval die (smaller than the purple oval cut).  If letter hang down lower than the die edge then do an “out of the box” cut so that no part of the letter is cut off.  Pop the ovals up onto the Lacy Diamond  (inner die with the Liquid Pearls).  Glitter all the flowers.  Use Nuvo Sparkle Brush or Wink of Stella on the leaves.  Add glue to areas between flowers and extending from flowers to add some white Prills (like Baby’s Breath flowers).


Other Products:
White cardstock, enamel dots, foam sheet, Nuvo Sparkle

For more tips on creating with the flower shaping molds, watch the tutorial at

Card Size: 6 X 6”.  Fold 12 X 6 white cardstock in half to form card base. Cut a piece of dark pink decorative paper 5 3/4 X 5 3/4" and glue it to the card base.  Cut a piece of decorative paper with a 6 X 6 card panel design, circle in the center then cut off outer border to 5 1/4 X 5 1/4", glue it to the dark pink.  Cut the Eyelet Circle out of dark pink decorative paper, glue it to the center of card.  Cut 2 Festive Holiday dies out of white and glue them to the circle.  Cut 4 corners out of white and glue to each corner, top with a pink enamel dot.

Stamp sentiment using Vibrant Fuchsia then die cut with the Album Tags and Accents.  Cut the eyelet mat out of dark pink decorative paper.  Cut a piece of foam sheet with the sentiment die to pop up the sentiment panel and glue it to the center of card.

Stamp leaves using Leaf Green on Deluxe Flower Shaping cardstock, sponge with Vivid Chartreuse, die cut and form in the shaping mold (see video).  Stamp Floral Fashionista blooms using Buttercup, sponge, die cut and shape in mold.  Pierce and insert white pearl stamen, add glitter., Stamp Arianna blooms using Vibrant Fuchsia, sponge centers with Buttercup and outsides with Vibrant Fuchsia, die cut and form in mold.  While still moist, pleat tips.  When the blooms are dry layer 3 blooms together per flower, the largest flower having 4 layers.  Pierce centers with a fairly large hole and insert the white Rock Candy Stamen then insert 1 yellow Bead Stamen, add glitter.  Arrange Arianna Blooms and leaves around left side of card.  Glue small yellow flowers in arrangement as desired. Brush Nuvo Sparkle onto the leaves.

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James 1:12 

12 God blesses those who patiently endure testing and temptation. Afterward they will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Heartfelt Cherry Blossom Double Z Fold

Good Morning!

This was a fun card to make as the belly band interacts with the card to make a very special card front.


Other Products:

White cardstock, pink cardstock, Tacky Glue, Copic Markers: B00, B01, B02, YG11, YG05, E53, E33, E35, R00, R11, R21, Y23, Y11, Y15, Y00, C1, C3

For more tips on creating with the diamond dies, watch the tutorial at

For more tips on creating with the flower shaping molds, watch the tutorial at


Card size: 4 X 6 1/4".  Cut white cardstock 6 X 12” then score at 2”, 4”, 8”, and 10”.  Place the left side of the largest Diamond die on the outside left 2” side and cut to the score line then place the right side of the die on the right 2” side of card and cut to the score line. Trim top and bottom on the score line to meet the die cut if needed.  Cut decorative paper to match panels (except Diamond cuts).  Glue paper to each side and inside middle section.  Cut Lacy Diamond die from white, cut the center part out of white as well.  Cut a straight edge diamond out of pink to fit inside of center section of the Lacy Diamond.  Glue pink to the back of center section then glue to the large Lacy Diamond, cut the lacy Diamond in half and glue one half to each outer section. Cut Sweetheart Border twice out of white and cut off small bottom scallop to glue to the top of card.  Cut border from the Album Tag Accents for top of card inside.  Glue borders on the top.

Stamp birds, birds on a branch, and birdhouse using black, die cut and color with Copics.  Stamp blossoms using Rose Madder, sponge on Pink Peony and die cut.  Stamp leaves with Fern Green and sponge with Leaf Green and Rose Madder then die cut.  Place blossoms and leaves in Shaping Mold, spritz then run through the die cutting machine to form.  Stamp Sentiment on pink and die cut with Diamond Basics then die cut a white Eyelet Diamond to mat the sentiment.  Glue sentiment to the inside middle section.  Randomly glitter paper inside card.

Glue and foam tape birds on branch to left side only of the outside.  Glue blossoms to both sides of the diamond ends.  Glitter paper on the outside of card and the flowers. 

Make a belly band out of white cardstock 1 1/2 X 9” place “belt” around card and fold at card sides.  Belly band will meet in the center front and over-lap, glue the over-lapping part together.  Glue a pink strip in the center of the white all the way around about 3/4" wide.  Cut 2 Eyelet Diamonds to stack in center of belly band.  Glue them on so that diamonds will be in the center of diamond on the card when the belly band in on (about 1/4" of diamond will hang off the bottom of the belly band).  Glue birdhouse on the center of stacked diamonds and pop up the birds.  Glue some tiny Cherry Blossoms on each side.  Glitter flowers and paper on the belly band.  Slide the belly band on being careful that top of diamond tucks under the birds on the branch at the top.  It will go all the way to but not over center of Lacy Diamond.

This next card you may have seen already on one of the Heartfelt advertisement post to Facebook


Other Products:
White cardstock, green cardstock, grass border punch (MS), foam sheet, foam tape, tacky glue, Flower Soft, Copic Markers: C0, C1, C3, E93, Y23, Y00, Y11, Y15, E53, E33, E35, B00, B01, B02, W1, W3, V01, V12, V15, YR65, YR04, R00, R21, R22, YG11, YG05, YR02.

For more tips on creating with the flower shaping molds, watch the tutorial at

Card size: 6 1/4 X 6 1/4".  Cover the inside back of shadow box with decorative paper.  Cut a piece of decorative paper for the front then trace around opening and cut opening out then glue to front of box. Cover the sides and top of box with decorative paper. Punch green grass X 2 for the bottom front.  Cut matching decorative paper for the inside dividers also glue foam in between dividers to keep them apart.

Stamp, die cut and color bench, birds, flower pots X 2, animals, field flowers, and birdhouse using black to stamp.  Stamp sentiment in black on a piece of matching decorative paper, die cut with ovals and die cut an oval foam piece to pop it up.  Edge ovals with Rose Madder.  Stamp, sponge and die cut the Cherry Blossoms using Rose Madder, stamp leaves with Fern Green, sponge with Leaf Green and die cut. Run them through the shaping mold and put flowers together in sets of 2.  Pierce centers and thread stamen through the middle of each flower.  Use Prills for the tiniest flowers.  Add glitter to all the flowers (stamped and 3D). Glue birds on branch and 2 leafy branches around the top of the box and start adding flowers.  Tuck the birdhouse in on the right side and the bench on the left side.  Pop the flower pots and bunnies up.  Add other animals and flowers to divider tabs at the bottom to make the shadow box look more 3D, having levels to the scene.  Puff birds and add them to the bench and birdhouse.  After everything is finished, seal up the back of box and add a piece of decorative paper or cardstock to cover the back to make it have a more “finished” look.

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John 14:6 [Full chapter]

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Heartfelt Cherry Blossom Retreat Debut

Good morning!

Beautiful gardens filled with warm rays of sunshine, skies of blue, and trees filled with fragrant cherry blossoms make for the perfect retreat setting, where daydreaming can abound and the stress of everyday life just seems to melt away! Breathing deeply and enjoying the sweetness in the air becomes second nature, as you take in your enchanting surroundings…a decorative wishing well with beautiful vining florals, a whimsical wooden bridge leading to places imagined only in daydreams, and a darling collection of hand carved bird houses that your “tweet” friends serenading you from above call home. Let your imagination wander, and enjoy life at a slower pace, taking time to smell the delicate cherry blossoms with the new Cherry Blossom Retreat Collection from Heartfelt Creations! Enjoy a walk through a refreshing paper collection filled with beautiful springtime hues…grass like greens, pretty blossom pinks, clear sky blues, and charming corals, all encompassed in dreamy petite plaids, dainty polka dots, and elegant lace like accents. An inviting collection of cling stamp sets, along with coordinating dies, await to bring your very own garden oasis to life, filled with elegant garden benches, alluring wishing wells, and sweet springtime songbirds. A delightful assortment of varying sized cherry blossom petals, along with a coordinating dimensional shaping mold, allow for quick and easy assembling of gorgeous, delicate cherry blossoms perfect for all of your spring themed creations! So, join us as we bring a hint of spring to craft rooms everywhere…it’s the perfect day for a crafty daydream with the new Cherry Blossom Retreat Collection!
This is my shaped card for the debut.


Other Products:
Foam sheet, white cardstock, yellow cardstock, ribbon, enamel dots, Copic Markers: YG03, YG23, YG17, C1, C2, C3, C5, W1, W3, E53, E33, E35, Y11, Y15, Y18, Y23, B00, B01, B02, R11, R21, R22, E43

For more tips on creating with the flower shaping molds, watch the tutorial at

Card size: 6 X 6 1/8”.  Use a piece of white cardstock 6 X 12” and fold in half to start.  Use the plain edge of the Petite Pocket Accent to cut through both layers, on both sides to create the decorative edged sides.  Cut 2 each of both of the decorative dies in the Petite Pocket set out of white cardstock.  Glue the narrower decorative die to the back of the wider die on both sets.  Use the plain edge of the Petite Pocket set to cut decorative paper to match card front, glue it to the card then glue decorative Petite Pocket Accents to each side.

Stamp and die cut using black ink, the wishing well, birdhouse, birds, and branch with birds then color with Copic Markers or your favorite coloring system.  Die cut the wishing well out of a foam sheet (like Fun Foam). Stamp Cherry Blossoms on white using Rose Madder, sponge with Rose Madder and Buttercup then die cut.  Stamp Floral Fashionista blossoms on yellow using Buttercup and die cut.  Stamp leaves on white using Fern Green and sponge with Leaf green and Rose Madder then die cut.  Form the birds, leaves and blossoms in the shaping molds and let dry completely.  Pierce blossoms and insert the stamen, coral for the Cherry Blossoms and white for the Floral Fashionista blossoms.  Glue the wishing well to the foam wishing well and glue it to the right bottom part of the card.  Glue the branch, birds on branch and birdhouse to left upper part of the card.  Glue flowers and leaves to the bottom left side of card and add some small flowers to the upper right side of card.  Add enamel dots to corners.  Cut a small tag from the decorative paper then add a small bow to the hole area and glue it to the upper left corner of card.  Add glitter to all the flowers.

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Deuteronomy 7:9 (NKJV)

“Therefore know that the Lord your God, He is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and mercy for a thousand generations with those who love Him and keep His commandments;

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Heartfelt Creations Pansy Frame

Good morning!
This photo was from a photoshoot I did with my niece
a few years ago...She is so photogenic! 
I decided to do a frame for my project this week so
I went to the drug store and bought a cheap wood frame.
I sanded it, painted it then sanded it again to distress
the painted surface making it much easier for glue to
stick to the frame, plus I love the distressed look.

Other Products:
White acrylic paint, sandpaper, gold faux metal corners, natural wood frame, yellow cardstock, white cardstock, purple color pencils, Copic: V01, V12, V15, BV00, BV02, YG11, YG41, Clear Sparkle Nuvo, floral wire or leftover stamen wire.

For more tips on creating with the flower shaping molds, watch the tutorial at

Frame size: 7 1/2 X 5 1/2", it holds a 4 X 6 photo.  Start with a natural wood color frame and paint it white with spray acrylic paint.  Let it dry well then sand it to leave a distressed look.  Spray paint 4 filigree corners made of metal or plastic (the ones here were plastic, gold that looked like metal).  Glue the corners to the frame.

Stamp several small and medium sized pansies using Majestic Violet and Deep Purple.  Stamp 1 large pansy with Deep Purple.  Stamp 3 Delicate Pansy Spray using Leaf Green, sponge with Vivid Chartreuse.  Sponge pansies with Buttercup and Deep Purple or Majestic Violet.  I used a colored pencil to add the dark ring on each pansy.  Die cut Sprays and Pansies then run Pansies through the die cutting machine in the shaping mold.  Stamp the Floral Fashionista blooms on yellow cardstock and run through with their shaping mold.   Put pansies together and then add glitter to petals, also add glitter to the small flowers on the Pansy Sprays.  Squeeze dots of Nuvo to the baby’s breathe on the sprays.  When dry add gold Prills to the centers.  Add Prills to the centers of Floral Fashionista blooms. 

Cut the flourishes off the sprays and use them where needed including on the right top corner.  Glue 1 spray (center part) in bottom left corner, glue flourishes up left side and right of the corner.  Glue the large pansy in left corner and the rest of the pansies arranged up the left side, right bottom and 1 at the top right.  Glue petite Floral Fashionista blossoms here and there.    Dot glue onto frame and add white Prills to glue. 

Take wires from stamen (or other floral wire) color it green then curl it around a Groove Golf Tool to make spirals.  Insert them wherever desired.

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Lay Up Treasures in Heaven
19 “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; 20 but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.  Matthew 6:19-21