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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

On Your Special Day

 Good morning!

Lots of pink this morning for you!!

The materials for this card can be found here
Card size:  5 X 6 3/4".

Start with a piece of heavy white cardstock 7 X 11, fold in half to make a 5 1/2 X 7 card.  Place the outer die of the Majestic Swirl Frames so that top of die is about 1/4" over the edge of the fold then cut.  Now cut 1 single layer of the outer die from white and glue it to the front of the folded base to make the front of card.

Out of white and from gold cardstock cut the following pieces.  1 decorative Majestic Swirl Frame, 2 Petite Pocket Accents wide and narrow. Cut 1 white sentiment circle and 1 matting gold circle (the size depends on the sentiment, this 1 is white 2”, gold 2 1/4"). 

Glue together white on top of gold the Petite Pocket sets and the Majestic Swirl set.  Glue the narrow Petite Pocket Accents onto the wide Pocket Accents.  Now glue the Majestic Frame onto the card front then glue sides and top of Pocket Accents (leave center open for sentiment).

Use embossing ink and gold powder to emboss the sentiment onto white circle then mat with gold (after heating of course). Now slide the circles under the decorative centers and glue in place.

Stamp using Mulberry, sponge with Magenta Hue and Coral the small Wild Rose (all 3 sizes in the small) then die cut and shape in the mold.  Stamp using Fern Green, sponge with Leaf Green the leaves from Leafy Accents, die cut and shape in the mold.  Glue 2 blossoms the same size together to make each flower.  Pierce the centers then insert gold Rock Candy Stamen.  Optional, use Nuvo Yellow Daffodil on 3 stamen in each flower.  Arrange flowers and leaves around the right side of card.

Glitter the flowers and brush on a mixture of shimmer additive and lacquer to the leaves.  Make a bow and glue it to the bottom under some blooms.

Now for a round easel and it is so easy to make with the 6 X 6 Round Bi-Fold cards.

Find all materials used HERE

 Card size:  6 X 6”.  Start with the 6 X 6 Rounded Bi-Fold card base.  Score the middle section in half parallel to the other fold lines for a straight easel base then fold downward.  Glue the right circle to the half of middle section that is folded down.  This creates the card base.

Cut 2 outer dies cuts of the Rounded Window Frames die from decorative paper.  Glue 1 to the front and 1 to the inside of card base.  Cut 2 of the next die in the Rounded Window Frames out of white.  Cut 1 of the next side down plus lattice center out of white.  Glue together 1 of each size white, centering, for the inside and then glue to the inside base.  Glue the other white Frame to the front.

Stamp church scene and extra church plus mom and daughter using Black Memento (if using alcohol markers).  Die cut then color.  Glue the scene to the front over white die cut.  Pop up the extra church and pop up the mom and daughter. 

Stamp the sentiment using Vibrant Fuchsia on vellum and trim to about 1/8” top and bottom of words.  Trim 2 pieces of gold about 1/8” wide and glue each to the sentiment panel, top and bottom then fish tail cut the ends.  Glue it at an angle to card front.

Stamp holly leaves using Library Green and sponge with Iced Spruce (this color matches the paper very well).  Stamp the poinsettia (6 small and 3 medium to make 3 flowers) using Vibrant Fuchsia then sponge with Magenta Hue.  Die cut all, then mold the poinsettia and holly leaves in the molds.  Glue 3 of each size poinsettia to form each flower.  Insert yellow pearl stamen.

Cut out a circle tag from decorative paper.  Cut out numbers to make 2021 from gold then glue them to the circle tag.  Tie a small bow from pink silk ribbon and glue it to the tag top.

Find the place you want the card to stay open at for display then glue the flowers, leaves and tag down to keep the card open to that spot. 

Finishing touches: add gold Prills to arrangement, add sparkly green pollen stamen to the arrangement, add 1/8” and 1/16” circles (using hole punches) as ornaments to the tree with the star, glitter pen the star.  Add Dries white and glitter to snow on roofs and trees.  Add lacquer mixed with shimmer to holly leaves and add Rajni’s Crystal Clear to the flowers.  Add more glitter to the card base as desired.

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Oh come, let us worship and bow down;
Let us kneel before the Lord our Maker.
For He is our God,
And we are the people of His pasture,
And the sheep [a]of His hand.

Friday, August 27, 2021

Nativity Bible Story

Good morning!
Welcome to another beautiful day!

The link for all Materials is HERE

 Card size: 4 3/4 X 7 1/2". 

Start by making a shaped card with the largest Booklet Basics Die, placing the die hanging over the fold about 1/2". Die cut then score the top of created base at 1 7/8”, fold down toward inside. The card base when opened should have a score at 3 3/4" and 5 3/4".

Cut 2 more largest Booklet Basics from white and 1 from gold colored decorative paper.  Also cut the largest Booklet Frames die from Luxe Gold twice.  Glue the gold color decorative paper to 1 white Booklet Basic then glue them to the Luxe Gold Booklet Frame, (for strength, glue the other white Booklet Basic to the back of the gold Frame) then glue that stack to the card base front, bottom half only, matching bottom edges.

Sponge Scattered Straw around the edges of the card inside.  With the other Luxe Gold Booklet Frame, glue it under the card bottom.  Close the card flat while gluing to make sure bottom frame and top frame line up when closed.

Cut 4 smaller Booklet Basics from white and 1 from foam.  Stamp 3 wisemen and shooting star on 1 of the booklets and stamp Nativity, star and Oh Holy Night on another 1 using VersaMagic then embossing with Gold Embossing Powder.  Sponge Scattered Straw for grounding on both panels and stencil stars with the same color. Now glue another booklet to the gold paper(top), follow with foam sheet Booklet then another white booklet. Sponge edges with Scattered Straw.   Score the booklet pieces, with the images embossed, in the center vertically to look like pages then glue the center only of the wisemen panel on the front, over foam stack, and the Nativity panel glued down flat inside card.

Stamp and gold emboss 8 small poinsettias from Festive Poinsettia Large, stamp and emboss 3 medium poinsettias from Festive Poinsettia Small with 3 sets of leaves, stamp and emboss 6 medium poinsettias from the Christmas Poinsettia with 2 sets of holly leaves, stamp and emboss 1 Holly Berry Spray and 2 sets of leaves from the Holly Berry Spray set using VersaMagic or clear embossing ink and Gold Embossing Powder on Deluxe Flower Shaping Paper.  Die cut and use the shaping molds for all flowers and holly leaves.  Glue 3 of each size for the 2 small Festive Poinsettia, 3 together for the Christmas Poinsettia and for the largest flower glue 3 of 1 size then 2 more of a smaller size. Glue 2 sets of stamen together for each flower of the Festive Poinsettia then glue to the centers of those flowers.  For the Christmas Poinsettia glue 3 gold pearls in each center.

Die cut 1 Luxe Gold and 2 white Starry Night die cuts.  Glue the white together and trim off the outer edge leaving only stars on the outside of die cut then do the same with the gold and glue that behind the white ones off-set.  Trim ends as needed to fit under the left side of the booklet page on the card front then glue it inside between top page (it should still be loose) and the one under.  Add white pearls to each star.

Glue the Holly Spray onto left side of card front then glue the 3 Festive Poinsettia along the left edge, add leaves where desired.  Figure out where you want the easel to stay open then glue the Christmas Poinsettia down to the inside of card where they will act like a “stop” for the front.  Add leaves and gold pearls to finish arrangement.

The Link for materials is HERE

Card size: 5 7/8 X 7”

Fold 7 1/2" X 11” white cardstock in half to make a 5 1/2 X 7 1/2” card.  Place the outer die of the Teardrop Lattice Gateway Die over the left fold edge just enough so that the die does NOT cut the fold at the straight part of die.  Also cut Decorative paper in the gold color with the same die twice then glue one to the card base front and the other piece on the inside (you may need to trim about a 1/16” off the left side for the inside piece to make it fit right).

Use a piece of gold decorative paper with red and green Poinsettia designs on it to cut the decorative dies of the Teardrop Lattice Gateway Die (use all parts of the die set taped together to get these 2 pieces). Glue the outer decorative die cut to the card front then pop up the inner decorative part with pop up strips (Darice).

Stamp all sizes of the poinsettia from Festive Poinsettia Large and Small sets using Vermillion Ink then sponge with Carnation Red Ink and Scattered Straw for the Stamen. Stamp all the leaves from both sets and the Holly Berry Sprays using Fern Green then sponge with Leaf Green.  Die cut all the flowers and leaves.  Sponge the flowers again on the backs and the edges with Vermillion.  Place flowers and leaves in the Shaping Molds, Large and Small, to beautifully shape the flowers, stamen and leaves.   Shape the Sprays from the back using the Deluxe Flower Shaping Kit.

Glue 2 of each size poinsettia together to make flowers.  Glue 2 or 3 stamen together for each flower, glue them in the centers then pierce centers of flowers and insert the yellow pearl stamen.  Glitter all the flowers.

Arrange sprays, leaves and flowers and glue to the left bottom of card front then insert a few gold Rose Hip Stamen to complete the arrangement.  Stamp the sentiment in Vermillion onto a decorative paper tag, die cut and tuck into arrangement

Mix shimmer and lacquer together and paint it on all the greenery.  Glitter the card base. Add a multi-loop bow to the right bottom. (the ribbon used here is seam binding dyed with Scattered Straw refill and a tiny bit of water, only enough to wet the seam binding, placed in a zip lock bag, do not rinse but dry [outside in case of dripping]) then create a bow.  The color matches perfectly..

For all the materials click HERE

 Card size: 4 3/4 X 6 3/4".

Make a shaped card by placing the outer die of the Decorative Circle Frames Die over a 7 X 10 piece of white cardstock folded in half.  The die will hang over the top fold about 1/4". Now cut another card front with the same die from white cardstock and from gold decorative paper, glue them together then glue them to the card front.

Now use the outer die and the next die in to create a red decorative paper frame.  Glue it onto card front matching edges.  Use the same die without the outer die to cut the decorative front of card from red paper with décor on it, optional, cut a green layer with the same die. If you cut one from green and from red decorative paper then glue them together off-set with green on the bottom, it doesn’t show enough so I would skip the green.  Glue the decorative die cut to the card front inside the red frame.

Cut a red decorative paper Eyelet circle from the Decorative Circle Frames Die, a gold decorative circle from Circle Basics Large and a sentiment from the decorative paper with Eyelet Circle and Basics Small, just large enough to fit the words.  For popping some of these layers up, cut circles large and small from a foam sheet like Fun Foam, the red eyelet circle is popped up as well as the sentiment circle.

Stamp 6 small poinsettia from the Festive Poinsettia Large using Vermillion Ink, stamp 2 of each size poinsettia from the Festive Poinsettia Small using Vermillion Ink, sponge fronts and backs of the poinsettias with Carnation Red, if you get some red on the stamen it’s ok.   Stamp the Stamen using Cantaloupe Memento, sponge with Scattered Straw Distress Ink.  Stamp the leaves from Festive Poinsettia Small and from the Holly Berry Sprays using Fern Green then sponging fronts and backs with Leaf Green.  Once all these are die cut go back again and sponge the edges.  Shape in the Shaping Molds and with the Deluxe Flower Shaping Kit.

Glue 2 of each flower size together to form 5 flowers.  Glue 2 to 3 stamen together for each flower then glue them to the flower centers.

Add gold/yellow pearls to the outer frame of card and to the red eyelet circle, add red pearls to the gold paper circle.  Now arrange flowers and leaves around the circle sentiment and glue.

Glitter all flowers and card base.  Mix lacquer with shimmer and paint on all the greenery.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Christmas Cabin

Good morning and welcome to another day
of Festive Poinsettias!
Hope this will be some good inspiration for
future Christmas cards for y'all!

To get all the materials and product for this project click here:
Card size: 4 3/4 X 6 3/4".

Cut the shaped base by placing outer die of the Royal Elegance Frames die hanging over the top fold of a 5 X 7” folded white cardstock (7 X 10” folded), die hangs over fold about 3/8”.  Cut another card front from white and from decorative paper red. Cut the next 2 dies in the set from the Sweet Magnolia light raspberry colored decorative paper.  Cut 2 ovals from Fun Foam then use 1 of them under the decorative oval die cut.  Cut the inner oval (2 3/8” wide) from decorative paper with the winter cottage on it.  Glue the other foam oval under the winter scene and then glue all layers to the card front from large to small.

Stamp the Snowman using black Memento Ink, die cut then color with Copic Markers.  Pop snowman up over scene at the right side of oval.  Stamp Merry Christmas Using Carnation Red on vellum, trim it then fishtail the ends and glue it to the top of winter oval (use glue in places where it won’t show like under stamped area).

Stamp the poinsettia (4 small and 2 medium) using Vermillion ink then sponge with Carnation Red.  Stamp the leaves from the small Festive Poinsettias using Library Green, sponge with Fern Green and Leaf Green, die cut.  Shape flowers and leaves in the Shaping Molds.  For each flower glue 2 of each size together.  Glue the stamen in the centers in sets of 2.

Arrange the flowers and the leaves around left side of winter scene. Glitter all the flowers and card.  Glitter snow areas on winter scene and on snowman.

Mix lacquer and Shimmer together and paint it on the leaves.

Card size:  6 1/2 X 7 1/2" (overall with décor hanging over edges).

Start with top fold white card stock measuring 4 X 5” (folded), Place the Urn die over the folded top so that top edge cutting line is just above the fold (see video). Stamp and die cut another urn from decorative gold paper, color shadows then glue it to the folded urn card base. Sponge inside of card base with Scattered Straw Distress Ink.

Die cut the Starry Night decorative die from white 2 times, then glue them together (for strength).  Glue the bottom of the die cut to the top of the urn in front so that card can be fully opened.  Sponge top of Starry Night die cut with Scattered Straw Ink.

Stamp several poinsettia blossoms in 4 sizes using Vermillion Ink then sponge with Carnation Red Ink, also highlight with some Scattered Straw ink.  Stamp the Stamen in red and Scattered Straw in all the sizes, sponge with Scattered Straw, these will make their own little “different” flowers.  Stamp the leaves and sprays with Library Green, sponge with Fern Green and Leaf Green.  Die cut then place in the Shaping Mold (see video) to shape flowers and leaves.  Shape the sprays from the back with the Deluxe Flower Shaping Kit.

For the poinsettia, glue 2 to 4 layers together to make flowers and insert yellow pearl stamen.  For the “different” flowers, glue 2 to 3 layers together either mixed red and scattered Straw or just 1 or the other to form little rounded petal flowers.  Insert red pearl stamen in each center.

Place some waxed paper or plastic under the starry night die (because of the large openings) while gluing flowers, leaves and sprays on to make a bouquet in the urn.  Start with the sprays in front and around edges of urn and Starry Night die cut, then add poinsettia, leaves and small gold flowers.  Insert Rose Hip Stamen in gold and red colors to add to the overall look of the bouquet. 

Cut pieces of gauze and spread them/fray them then tuck them into the bouquet here and there.  Glitter all the flowers.

Stamp the sentiment on white cardstock using Vermillion ink then die cut with the small tag in Ticket and Tags Die.  Sponge the edges with Scattered Straw.  Stamp the cardinal using Tuxedo Black Memento then color and die cut.  Cut off other bird and greenery then glue it onto the spray at top right side of bouquet.

Make a multi-loop bow from red ribbon (dyed seam binding used in this sample [using a refill ink bottle and a tiny bit of water in a zip-lock bag with the seam binding], purposely left crinkled).  Glue it under some foliage but on top of the tag on the left side (to balance with bird on the top right).

Mix tiny bit of Shimmer additive with lacquer then paint it onto the greenery.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Merry Christmas Gate

Good morning!
Now for the Festive Poinsettia cards, Yay!!
At last!!

For a full supply list with links please click here

Card size: 4 5/8” X 6 1/8”.

Make a shaped card (see video) by hanging the outer die of the Royal Gateway Die off the top fold by about 3/4".  The card base will be missing the top so cut another card front with the outer die from white and glue it to the card base matching bottom and side edges.

Cut a Gold Luxe decorative gate and at lease 1 layer of white cardstock or white chipboard to stack under the gold to give the gate a little dimension.  Glue the stack together then glue it to the card front.

Use the Small Festive Poinsettia Stamp Set, stamp using Embossing Ink (VersaMark) 2 large and 3 small poinsettias then embossing using gold powder.  Stamp the leaf in this set and the Holly Berry Spray using VersaMark 2 times then emboss with gold powder as well. Die cut all the flowers and leaves.

Use the Zig Clean Markers to color the poinsettia and the leaves then place in the mold upside down.  Run the mold through your die cutting machine

For the larger flower, glue 2 of the same size poinsettia together then glue one of the size down making the flower 3 layers.  Glue 3 sets of stamen together and glue the stamen to the center.  Repeat for the smaller flower gluing just 2 layers together.

Arrange flowers and leaves/sprays on the golden gate then use a glue gun or heavy weight glue to fasten then to the card.  Add Gold glitter dots to the leaves and stamen.

Stamp Merry Christmas using VersaMark onto vellum then emboss with gold powder.  Trim as narrow as possible then glue a strip of gold (about 1/8” wide) to each side.  Fishtail both ends and glue it to the card


Details about supplies and the links click THIS

Card size: 5 X 7”.

Make a Gateway arch card placing the outer die of the Teardrop Lattice Gateway die over the left fold of a 5 X 7” folded card (just enough so the left edge does not touch fold) (see video).

Cut the inner die of the Regal Lattice Gateway Die with its frame and the largest Eyelet Frame Gateway Die from red patterned decorative paper (there should be 3 dies taped together).  Cut a piece of Fun Foam the size of the outer eyelet arch and pop it up on the card front. Glue the inner lattice portion down flat on card in the center.  Make a white eyelet frame for the arched window with an Eyelet Frame Die just bigger than the Lattice piece and use the same die that cut out the lattice piece edge with the Eyelet Frame Die.  Glue the white frame onto the arched window.

Stamp the large poinsettia 2 times using Vermillion, sponge it with Carnation Red, die cut.  Stamp the leaves and the Holly Berry Sprays using Library Green, sponge with Leaf Green, die cut.  Place flowers and leaves in the mold and run through the die cutting machine.  Shape the Holly Berry Sprays from the back with the Deluxe Flower Shaping Kit.

Glue the poinsettia blooms together and glue the stamen together.  Glue the stamen to the center of flower then pierce the center to insert medium yellow pearl stamen.

Make 2 large loop bows with white cord and glue to the top and bottom of poinsettia so that they hang out an inch or more beyond petals.

Arrange flower, leaves and sprays on the left side of window opening and glue.  Stamp the sentiment using Vermillion on white cardstock and die cut with a tag from Album Tags and Accents,    Tuck the tag under the poinsettia then insert red Rose Hip Stamen into the arrangement and glitter the flower, stamen and card.

Mix Lacquer and shimmer together then paint onto leaves for a glossy shimmer
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II Corinthians 10:17-18

As the Scriptures say, “If you want to boast, boast only about the Lord.” When people commend themselves, it doesn’t count for much. The important thing is for the Lord to commend them. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Christmas Eve Service

Good morning!

Materials list: HERE

Card size:  4 3/4 X 6 3/4".  Start with 7 X 10” white cardstock, fold to 5 X 7 then die cut (over-hanging top of die over top fold by 1/4") with the Majestic Swirl Frames outer die.  Cut 1 more full white cardstock layer to make a complete card front.  Glue the card front onto base lining up sides and bottom.

Cut plaid decorative paper with the outer die again and then cut white cardstock using the outer die and the next die in to create the white border for card front.  Glue the plaid onto card then the white border.  Cut the 4 X 6” Snowflake die (from Holiday Snowflake Frames) and the next die in from white cardstock to create the snowflake frame/border then glitter with Ultrafine.  Cut the inside part again from light green decorative paper and also from foam sheet.  Glue the frame and green to the foam sheet then glue it to the card front centering.  Cut the smaller 2 1/2 X 4” snowflake frame from foam sheet and from white, glue together then glue to card center.

Stamp using black Memento, the Holiday Village scene 2 times, the extra trees and the mom and daughter onto white cardstock (I use Neenah Bright White 80 pound for coloring with alcohol markers), die cut all, die cutting just the church on 1 of the scenes, then color the full scene minus the church, the church, the ladies and the trees.  Glue the full scene onto white snowflake frame center then pop up the extra church onto uncolored church, double pop the trees at right and also the ladies at right as if heading to church.  Use Dries White and Ultrafine Crystal glitter for snow on trees and roofs.  Use Adhesive and glitter on ground snow.  Use the Glitter Pens, green and red for plaid on skirt, the clear on star and church clock.

Stamp Poinsettia using silver, die cut then shape in the mold.  Paint tips and high spots with some silver metallic paint, glue 3-4 layers together to make flowers and add silver Prills to the centers.  Glitter the flowers with Rajni’s Crystal Clear.  Stamp Holly leaves using black, sponge with green, die cut then shape in the mold.  Paint the leaves with a mix of Lacquer and Shimmer Additive. Glue the Holly and Poinsettias to the bottom left corner of the snowflake die cut.

Choose a sentiment from decorative paper and add it to the inside of card.

My next card is a Bendi Fold card.  I was able to use lots of the new collection on this one card!

Find the material list here: HERE

Card size:  5 1/2 X 6 3/4".  Start with one 4 1/4 X 5 1/2", one 3 X 5 1/2" and one 3 1/2 X 5 1/2" white cardstock pieces.   The 4 1/4 X 5 1/2" piece is the back.  Cut a curved Starry Night Border from white and glue it to the top of the back piece, set aside.  For the flap pieces, left and right, score 1/2" on 1 side of each.  On the other side of each, draw a light pencil line 1/4" from the edge.  Make a 1/4" “tab” by cutting to the pencil line on each.  Make a pencil line on the back 4” from the left edge at the point where the left flap tab will enter then cut the line with a craft knife.  Make a line on the left flap (3 1/2” X 5 1/2” piece) 2” from the right side, (1/2” scored side) where the right flap tab will enter then cut with a craft knife.   Glue the 1/2” scored edges of right and left flaps to the back of card.  Cut 2 straight Starry Night Borders from white and glue them to both flaps at the top of each. This is the basic base.

Cut decorative blue paper for the top part of both flaps front and back (to help reduce layers, only add enough blue for the sky) and for the back.  Make a snowy ground for front and back of each flap and glue one side at a time as you will need to re-cut the slits for the left side and for the back.  When all pieces have been glued down, make sure you can still insert tabs of left flap and right flap, if you have a hard time, cut the slit so that it is a wider slit.

Stamp, using black Memento on white cardstock, church scene, 4-5 tree sets, mom and daughter, front truck scene plus extra deer, truck back scene plus extra truck and snowman (these are all from the Home For The Holidays Collection, Also stamp Countryside Winter’scapes deer, snowman and large tree.  Die cut all and color using Alcohol Inks (Copic used here).  If you are water coloring your pieces then make sure you use Archival or Versafine Claire Inks as they are water resistant. 

Start with the inside:  Glue the truck front scene to left flap, add the small extra snowman to the scene.  Use Dries White and Ultrafine Glitter to make snow coming down from the sky (recut slit).  Glue the church scene including 1 extra tree and mom with daughter to the card back (avoid slit).  Glue 2 sets of extra trees and extra (small) deer to the right flap.  Make snow coming down on all sides as you complete them.  When dry, turn card over and finish decorating the outside of left and right flap.  Right flap has the back of truck scene with the extra truck popped up. The left flap has deer, snowman, 2 sets of trees and the large tree.  Deer and snowman is popped up (avoid slit).

To finish this card, cut out enough letters and numbers from both black and silver to make “Merry Christmas! 2021” glue them together then glue them to the curved Starry Night die cut.

Add glitter where desired for sparkly snow.

Time for more, here is one more for you.

Find the materials list HERE

 Card size:  5 X 7”.  Start with 7 1/4 X 10” white cardstock, fold to 5 X 7 1/4" then place outer Holiday Snowflake Frame die on card hanging over fold by about 1/2" then cut.  Cut another white Holiday Snowflake Frame outer die from white and from silver cardstock.  Glue the silver under card slightly off-set and glue the white on top of card matching bottom and sides. Sponge the front around all the edges with Jade Brilliance.  Cut the 4 X 6” Snowflake Frame from white and silver (make the white 1 a frame/border only by using the next die in as well when cutting).    Cut the center portion of 4 X 6” snowflake frame from blue decorative paper and from white.  Cut the white one to look like a hill behind the barn then glue it to the blue matching bottoms and sides.  Cut the center from a piece of foam sheet and glue it under the stack, glue white frame off-set (so silver shows) to top of stack then glue to card center.

Stamp the Home for The Holidays front of truck scene 2 times using black Memento.  On 1 of the scenes, die cut deer and truck only.  Color and pop truck on top also pop-up deer bodies gluing feet down to snowy ground.  Glue the scene to the white and blue die cuts in the center.

Glitter the trees using Dries White Adhesive.  Add glitter to other snowy ground using Adhesive or use Stickles to just edges of ground.  Use the glitter pens on the Christmas lights.  Use the white gel pen for the deer spots and barn trim.

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If we live, it’s to honor the Lord. And if we die, it’s to honor the Lord. So whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.

Isn't it good to know that no matter what happens in this crazy world today that we can belong to God, nothing anyone ever does to you will change that.

Do you know the one who loved you so much He gave His life for you?

Jesus said to seek and you shall find, knock and it will be opened to you.  He also says that He is The Way, The Truth and The Life, no man comes to the Father but by Him.  He isn't just a miracle worker or a prophet, He is the Son of God. A searchable online Bible in over 150 versions and 50 languages.


Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Rusty Truck Swing Card

Good morning!
Time for some Christmas wouldn't you say!!

Find all the materials for this card HERE


Card size:  6 X 6” when closed.  Start with 6 X 9” white cardstock and 6 X 9” decorative paper.  Mark 3” and 4 1/2" vertical light pencil lines on both pieces. On the decorative paper draw another light pencil line horizontally at 3”.  Place the Eyelet Rectangle measuring 3 1/2 X 4 1/2" right in the center of the 2 intersecting lines on the decorative paper and cut, leave the die in place.  Place the decorative paper on the cardstock and line up all edges.  You should be able to see the vertical pencil lines through the die cut hole, now place the top cutting plate to the fir vertical line (at 3”) and cut (the die will only cut where the cutting plate was.  If you cut cutting side up normally, switch your plates around so that you can cut blade side down to see the lines you’ve drawn…it will be ok, don’t worry).  Now turn the cardstock/paper 180 degrees and place the cutting plate at the other vertical line then cut.  You should now have 2 partial cuts with 1 1/2" uncut between on the cardstock.  Erase all lines on cardstock then score to the cut lines only, top and bottom at 3” and 4 1/2", fold mountain and valley on score lines (DO not score or fold through die cut), the card will now swing around when opened. For the decorative paper, trim 1/16” off top and bottom then trim off both sides of each vertical pencil line, erase horizontal pencil line.  Glue each decorative paper piece to the corresponding cardstock panel (except rectangle cut out).

Die cut 1 of the sentiments printed on the decorative paper with a 2 X 3” rectangle then cut an Eyelet mat for it from white, sponge the edges with Jade.  Sponge the edges of white swinging die cut with Jade as well.  Glue the sentiment and mat to the right side of card (make sure it doesn’t show when the card is closed).

Stamp both truck scenes twice using black ink, die cut both full scenes and trucks, snowman and deer pieces from the second stamped set.  Color all with alcohol inks or preferred coloring method (if using alcohol inks make sure to use Memento ink to stamp, if using water based coloring then stamp with Archival or VersaFine Claire).  Glue the front of truck scene to the partial cut rectangle when card is closed.  Glue the back of truck scene when card is open.  Pop up all accessory pieces die cut.  Use Dries white Adhesive and glitter on the snowy parts especially trees and fence.  Use glitter pens and paint pens on the little Christmas lights.

Find the materials for this card HERE


Card size: 5 X 7 1/2".  Start with folded white cardstock measuring 5 1/2 X 7 1/2" (folded size).  Lay outer die of the Holiday Snowflake Frame about 1/2" over the top fold and cut.  Cut off the decorative edges (you will cut a new front and a new inside later. And score the top side again in the center (about 2 3/16” from previous score line).  Fold the top down toward center fold. This is the base of the easel card.

Cut 2 more outer die frames from white and sponge the edges, including flakes, with Sky Blue Brilliance ink. Glue 1 to the top (match bottom edges and only glue the folded down portion) then glue the other to the card inside, you will have to trim the top of the inside die cut off a little to match bottom and side edges. Cut 5 simple snowflakes and 3 of the more ornate snowflakes from white.  Glue snowflakes and pop up some of them along top edge of front and the bottom corners of the inside.

Stamp the truck back image 2 times using black, die cut full image of 1 and die cut the truck only of the second image.  Stamp birds using black and die cut.  Stamp some Festive Poinsettias (smallest size) at least 6 blossoms using Vermillion then sponge with Carnation Red.  Stamp leaves using Fern Green then sponge with Leaf Green, die cut, sponge the backs and form.  Form Poinsettias at the same time using the molds.  Stamp sentiment using VersaFine Red and emboss with clear powder on white cardstock then die cut with Eyelet Oval and Basics Large.  Color images that have not been sponged using Alcohol Markers such as Copic.  Only color truck cut separately as the other truck on full image will be covered.

With the outside die of the Royal Gateway cut from gray decorative paper and from foam sheet to pop up.  Glue the 2 cuts together then glue them to the center (horizontally) of the front but the bottom should be at the bottom of the card front.  Cut the decorative part of the Royal Gateway die from gray decorative paper and from Luxe Silver, glue together offset.  Also cut from both silver and gray, a decorative mat for the sentiment using Elaborate Oval Frames Die Set, glue them together offset. For the gate, fold gate open and sponge the back of opened gate with smoky gray Distress Oxide Ink.

Glue the full truck/homestead image and a strip of white for the bottom of image to continue the snow look, to the gate frame on the card front, pop up the truck image that was cut separately (use pop-up dimensional or foam sheet).  Now glue the opened gate to the gate frame over image, the truck should be about centered in the open gate.  Glue the birds to the top left side of the gate post.

For each poinsettia, glue 2 blossoms together, stagger petals, then insert 5 yellow Beaded Stamen and surround the stamen with yellow Prills.

Find the right place for keeping the card open then glue the popped up sentiment in the center to keep it open.  Add poinsettia and leaves as well, they will help keep the card open for display and help keep the gates open to view truck. 

Die cut 2021 from Luxe Silver using the small number dies and glue them to the tail-end of the truck.  Glitter the flowers with Rajni’s Crystal Clear and glitter the card edges and snow with UltraFine Crystal Transparent glitter.  Card can close for mailing but it will be thick because of the flowers.

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