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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

HC Sea Breeze Oval Layered Card

Good morning! 
I've used my ovals for this card with foam sheet between
each layer for more dimension.
Some pieces are in the center layer, some the first 
and some on top.
I used a sand embossing powder around my heart 
and randomly on the sand.
Can't you just imagine that couple right outside our 
scope of vision?

HCD1-7264     SeaBreeze Harbor Die
HCD1-7265     Sandand Sunset Die
HCPC-3890     SeaBreeze Harbor Stamp Set
HCPC-3892     Sandand Sunsets Stamp Set
HCDP1-2107   SeaBreeze Paper Collection
HCPC-3804     HeartfeltLove Sentiments Stamp Set
HCD1-7162     EyeletHearts Die
HCD1-7157    Eyelet Oval & Basics Large
HCD1-7156    Eyelet Oval & Basics Small
HCD2-7189    Eyelet Rectangle & Basics Die
RINK44444    Ranger Texture Paste Opaque
TSMP804       Desert Sand Memento Ink
TSMP900       Tuxedo Black Memento Ink
PGM15015     RajniChawla’s Crystal Clear
352854           Metal Tip for Adhesive
159723            Dries Clear Adhesive

Other Products:
White cardstock, Stickles, Hero Arts Sand Embossing Powder, Foam sheet, foam tape, London Gray Memento Ink, black cardstock, Copic Markers: E53, E33, E35, E59, C2, C3, W2, W3, W5, E81, E43, YG03, YG17, B21, B24, Y11, Y15, Y38, R81, R17, R29, E42.

Card size: 5 1/2 X 7 1/2".  Cut 2 piece of cardstock and 2 pieces of decorative paper 5 1/2 X 7 1/2", use ovals to cut out centers (One 2 1/4" and the other 2”)   Cut 2 pieces of foam sheet 5 X 7”, cut ovals out of center to match cardstock.  Cut a card 11 X 7 ½” then fold in half.  Cut black cardstock 5 1/2 X 7 1/2" Use rectangle die to cut out center leaving a frame.  Cut a piece of white 5 1/2 X 7 1/2" and use a craft knife to cut out center 1/8” smaller a around than the black frame to leave a small white inner edge to frame, cover the back of double frame with foam tape and set aside.  Cut a piece of decorative paper 5 X 7 for white card base then glue it to the center of the card.  Cut a piece of blue to use as water and glue it down.  Cut 2 more strips of blue for top 2 layers to match horizons on each layer and glue them down after cutting away any portion that covers oval opening.  Cut tan decorative paper for the sand and tear top edge for top layer.  Stamp I Love You onto tan paper and die cut with heart die then glue to sand on right side.  Apply embossing fluid around heart then use sand embossing powder to edge heart, heat to emboss.  Sprinkle  sand embossing powder randomly over sand after stippling on some embossing fluid then heat.  Apply texture paste and glitter to the torn edge of the sand, glue to bottom of top layer.  Glue foam sheet, cardstock and decorative paper together for each layer and set aside.

Stamp rowboat twice, fence, large lighthouse scene, cloud, birds, sunset and extra rocks for lighthouse scene, die cut and then color all pieces.   On card base, glue sunset down matching horizon lines then glue one layer with foam sheet down (the one with smallest oval first).  Glue the clouds and part of the lighthouse scene (cut between lighthouse and house). Glue next layer with foam down lifting lighthouse to go over onto top layer (base of lighthouse is on layer below).  Glue the house section on matching grass line and then pop up extra rocks (use double foam tape on left section of rocks and glue on house section on rocks.  Apply texture paste to rowboat scene, on the sand, let dry then pop the other rowboat on top of it.  Glue set to top layer matching sand lines.  Use right end of fence on left side of card, pop up.  Use Stickles on all the water.  Stipple glue on sand and sprinkle glitter onto it.  Glue birds to the sky.  Now adhere frame to the top of card.

For my second card I used an idea I saw on our Heartfelt Creations Facebook page by Stephanie Beck.  She used this pattern for a beautiful card.


Other Products:
White cardstock, Stickles-Crystal, foam tape, pearls, Copic Markers: BG72, BG11, C2, C3 , BV20, YG03, YG17, R11, R17, R29, E53, E33, E35, E08, E51, E42, E43, W3, W5, Y24, Y21

For more tips on creating with the flower shaping molds, watch the tutorial at
Card size: closed-6 X 4, Open 6 X 12.   Follow template pattern for card base.  Cut paper panels from decorative paper-starting at left 3 7/8 X 5 7/8”, 7/8 X 5 7/8”, 1 3/8 X 3 7/8 (X 4 pieces), 7/8 X 5 7/8” all vertical.  Horizontal pieces: 7/8 X 2 7/8” (X4 pieces).  Cut from 1 piece of  5 7/8 X 12” decorative paper.  Glue all panel pieces on to corresponding panels on base.

Stamp using black, birds X 2, shells, sand pipers X 2, sailboat, Rope frame, fences X 2, leaves Using Fern Green, blossoms using Yellow, orange, blue, and pink and sponge with the same colors.  Die cut all pieces then color.   Stamp sentiment on another piece of the same paper (from the other 6 X 12 piece left over).  Die cut with the circle die, die cut a white mat with a little larger circle.  Cut out the lifesaver, post and anchor to use, discard rope frame. Shape the blossoms in the Mold.

Pop up  fence pieces to each side of the card.  Pop up birds onto the sky areas.  Pop up the sailboat  Pop up sandpipers and shells (cut shells and sandpipers apart and spread out over card).  Glue blossoms and leaves to left and right bottom sides.  Add glue to the centers of blossoms and sprinkle on Prills.  Glue circle sentiment and mat to the top left side.

Stipple glue onto sand and flowers then sprinkle on glitter.    Add pearls around shells.  Add Stickles to water.
If desired you can glue other sunset paper to back of card just to finish it off.
The template for this card is Template for special Z-fold

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

HC Sea Breeze FoldOut

Good morning!
I love these fold out cards don't you?
You can do so much with them and use so many stamps and die and that is what we love isn't it?

I made a continuous shore line on this card and used the texture paste with glitter to make a fun wave foam.
I used real shells on gauze for some fun trim
I also used real sand on the sand (found it at a hobby shop, part of the landscaping stuff for models).

HCD1-7264     SeaBreeze Harbor Die
HCD1-7265     Sandand Sunset Die
HCD1-7266     A Dayat Sea Die
HCPC-3890     SeaBreeze Harbor Stamp Set
HCPC-3892     Sandand Sunsets Stamp Set
HCPC-3892     A Dayat Sea Stamp Set
HCDP1-2107   SeaBreeze Paper Collection
HCPC-3844      ForMy Friend Sentiments Stamp Set
HCD1-7118     DelicateBorder Basics Die
HCD1-7119     Classic Border Basics Die
HCD1-7120     FleurBorder Basics Die
HCD1-7121     ElegantBorder Basics Die
RINK44444    Ranger Texture Paste Opaque
PGM15015     RajniChawla’s Crystal Clear
352854            Metal Tip for Adhesive
159723            Dries Clear Adhesive
HCCF1-445-2  6 X 6Foldout Cards-White
TSMP900        TuxedoBlack Memento Ink
RACP412         Forget Me Not Archival Ink

Other Products:
White cardstock, aqua cardstock, tan cardstock, turquoise cardstock, gauze, shells, foam tape, sand, Stickles, Copic Markers: E81, E42, E43, E51, E53, E33, E35, E57, E08, YR82,E97, YG03, YG17, Y11, Y15, Y21, Y24, Y38, R81, R11, R17, R29, W2, W3, W5, C2, C3, C5, BG72, BG11,

For more tips on creating with the border dies & foldout cards, watch the tutorial at

Card size: 6 X 6 1/2" closed. 6 1/2 X 24” Open. Cut back of foldout card with the Classic Border Basics Die and cut paper to match.   Cut front and back panels with the Fleur Border Basics out of decorative paper with water across the 12” (it takes 2 pieces, top and bottom.  Cut sandpipers off the bottom of both pieces then cut vertically at 6” and horizontally at 5 3/4 for the back and 3rd panel, 5” for the 2nd and 1st panel).  Use the top pieces for the back of each panel.  Cut front and back together when cutting each panels papers.  Glue the paper onto coordinating panels. For the back of panels, add water by cutting turquoise cardstock 1 1/2" strips, glue them to the bottoms of 1,2 and 3rd panel backs.  Tear tan cardstock for sand about 1/2" deep for all panels both sides.  Use texture paste on the torn edge of all sand pieces, sprinkle with glitter then let dry.  Once dry, glue each sand strip to the bottom of each panel front and back then add real sand.

Cut 3 Elegant Border Basics from Aqua and 1 Delicate Border Basics from Aqua.  Glue the Delicate Border to the back panel of foldout and glue the 3 Elegant Borders onto panel 1, 2 and 3.

Stamp large lighthouse scene (X2), large cloud (X2), sailboat (X2), rowboat (X2), sunset, Shells (X3), Birds (X2), plants (X4), sandpipers (X2), Rope Frame (X2), Fence (X2), bird on post, small lighthouse, die cut and color all pieces.  Stamp sentiment using Forget Me Not on yellowish background paper cut then mate with white.

Start decorating card with images, panel 1 in closed position-Pop fence up on left side then pop bird on post on top of it.  Pop shells and sand to right side then pop shells only on top.  Inside-Pop up rowboat plant on left and on right and shells.  Glue one bird in the sky.

Panel 2 inside- glue sunset matching horizons to left side glue clouds to right side and pop sailboat on top, about half-way down water.  Glue 2 sandpipers to sand left side. Pop up shell on right side of sand.  Glue 1 bird in the sky.  Back side- pop up rowboat, matching sand lines.

3rd panel inside- Glue sailboat at horizon toward right side, glue 2 birds in the sky, glue plant, shell and sandpiper to right side of sand and glue shell to left side of sand.  Back side-Glue small lighthouse and pop up rope frame.

Back panel- Glue large cloud to sky and 2 birds.  Glue the large lighthouse scene to right side, pop up extra rocks (from second stamped lighthouse scene).  Pop up short piece of fence to right side, glue wood post and anchor (from second stamped rope frame) and a plant in front of fence.  Glue 2 shells next to anchor and glue 3 sand pipers to left side.  Glue the sentiment to left side.

Steep gauze in some black tea for 15 minutes or so then hand up to dry.  Add pieces of gauze to each panel top then add small shells , seahorses and starfish.  Add glitter to gauze, and add Stickles to water.

My second card is done with the Frame a Card Leafy Borders Set and the Lush Lilac

HCPP1-475    DeluxeFlower Shaping Paper Pack pf 50-White
HCPC-3816    LushLilac Stamp Set
HCPC-3818    LushLilac Scroll & Notes Stamp Set
HCD1-7170    LushLilac Die
HCD1-7172    LushLilac Scroll & Cage Die
HCDP1-287    LushLilac Paper Collection
HCFB1-466     3DLush Lilac Shaping Mold
HCD1-7193    LeafyAccents Die
HCPC-3835    LeafyAccents Stamp Set
HCFB1-467     3DLeafy Accents Shaping Mold
HCD2-7190    Framea Card Leafy Borders Die
TSMP900       Tuxedo Black
RACP436        LeafGreen Archival Ink
RACP962        FernGreen Archival Ink
RACP494       Majestic Violet Archival Ink
RACP430        DeepPurple Archival Ink
352854          Metal Tip for Adhesive Bottle
159723          Dries Clear Adhesive
PGM15015    RajniChawla’s Crystal Clear
ANC814         Lettuce Entertain You Prills

Other Products:
White cardstock, pearls, Copics: YG61, G82, V12, V15, E50, E21, E33, E53, E35.

For more tips on creating with the flower shaping molds, watch the tutorial at

Card size: 5 3/8 X 7 3/8”.  Cut white cardstock 7 3/8 X 10 3/4", score and fold in half.  Cut a piece of decorative paper 5 X 7”. Cut two 5” Leafy borders with insets, cut two 7” Leafy Borders with insets.  Form the frame on top of the 5 X 7” decorative paper.  Cut another piece of decorative paper to fit inside of frame then glue inside of frame.  Glue frame to card front.   

Stamp Lilac branch and scroll using black, stamp the sentiment onto scroll using black, die cut and color.  Stamp Lilac blossoms using Deep Purple and Majestic Violet.  Stamp leaves using Fern Green and sponge with Leaf Green and Majestic Violet, die cut and shape in mold.  Glue green Prills to the centers.

Glue scroll to paper inside the frame and glue branch to outside, going into the inside.  Glue Lilac blossoms to cover branch and aa few around the scroll.  Add more leaves to the top portion of the Lilac blossoms.

Add pearls to the corners of the frame.  Glue glitter to all the flowers.

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John 3:16 New King James Version (NKJV)

16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.
We cannot make ourselves perfect enough to enter heaven, did you know that?
But we don't have to because God provided a way for us Himself.  He sent His son Jesus the Christ to take the punishment for sin [for everyone who will believe] Himself so that He could provide, as a gift, a way to Himself and heaven.
All we have to do is believe that Jesus died for us, that He was raised from the dead [defeated death] and confess Him with our mouths as our savior, and accept Him as our Lord [boss]. 
It may sound too easy to you but in reality, living to please Him (because He is our Lord) is not easy.  Our flesh fights us everyday wanting it's own way.  But God gives us strength, He gives us His Holy Spirit to help us day by day.  He knows we are weak, frail humans and our lives pass by in a blink of an eye (compaired to eternity). He helps us day by day and He is with us.  He said He would never leave us nor forsake us.  Go to Him now in prayer and make Him your Lord and savior.
He said that there is nothing you have done that is too hard for Him to forgive and cleanse, He can lift that weight of sin off of you, go to Him.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

HC Floral Beach

Good morning!
I was actually raised at the beach and I know that there are flowers so
this week I added some flowers to the corner.
One of the pretty flowers you always see near the beach is on the ice plant 
(well, that is what I call it anyway) it comes in lots of colors.


Other Products:
White cardstock, foam sheet, foam tape, Stickles, ribbon, Copic Markers: B12, B24, Y11, Y15, Y21, Y24, Y38 R17, R29, R81, C2, C3, E81, E84, W2, W3. W5, R11, E50, BG11, E42, E43, E33, E35, E53, YG03, YG17

For more tips on creating with the flower shaping molds, watch the tutorial at
Card size: 6 3/4 X 7 3/4".  Cut one of the 6 X 6 frame panels from the decorative paper that has a square center, cut out the center with the Cut Mat Create 2A square 3 3/4" die. Cut a piece of foam sheet 5 3/4 X 5 3/4" then cut out the square to match paper.  Cut 4 Decorative Pocket Accents dies from white, glue 1, facing down under top of paper frame then glue paper and foam together.  Cut another 3 3/4” panel from sunset sky decorative paper in the pad, also cut a piece of blue about 1” then die cut the bottom to match bottom of sunset square.  Cut a piece of white cardstock 12 X 6 and fold in half for card base. Glue 3 Decorative Pocket Accents to base facing out (top, right and left) then glue the frame to the card base.

Stamp sailboat, sunset, lighthouse, birds, bird on post and 2 shell sets.  Die cut (shells have 2 dies, cut one image with sand and shell and the other just the shells) then color.  Glue lighthouse and sunset to square, match horizon lines. Pop sailboat with foam tape then adhere to bottom center of square. Slide the square into the cut out window, under the Decorative Pocket Accent then add a bit of foam tape to decorative Pocket Accent to keep it popped up over scene.

At the bottom of the frame, glue bird on post, the sand and shell and pop up the second set of shells.  Die cut tag sentiments and glue to the bottom right side of frame.

Stamp Cherry blossoms using Forget Me Not , sponge, die cut and form in mold. Stamp leaves using Fern Green, sponge with Leaf Green then die cut and form in mold.  Glue 2-3 blossoms together to make each flower then pierce centers and add stamen.  Glue 3 flowers and leaves to the top left corner of frame. Add glitter to shells, sand, clouds, and flowers.  Add Stickles to water and light in lighthouse.

This is a total guy birthday card! The colors, and papers, even the sentiment font says guy to me.

HCPC-3766         Woodsy Treescape Stamp Set
HCPC-3767         Woodsy Wonderland Stamp Set
HCPC-3768         Woodsy Critters Stamp Set
HCD1-7122         Woodsy Landscape Die
HCD1-7123          WoodsyWonderland Die
HCD1-7124         Woodsy Critter Die
HCDP1-273         Woodsy Wonderland Paper Collection
HCD1-7182         Garden’s Edge Coneflower Die
HCPC-3828         Garden’s Edge Coneflower Stamp Set
HCD1-7146         Festive Holiday Die
HCD2-751           Cut Mat Create 2A Die
HCD1-7155         Circle Basics Large Die
HCD1-7154         Eyelet Circle & Basics Small Die
HCPC-3843         Special Birthday Sentiments Stamp Set
352854               Metal Tip for Adhesive Bottle
159723                Dries Clear Adhesive
TSMP900             Tuxedo Black Memento Ink

Other Products:
White cardstock, kraft cardstock, dark brown cardstock, Copic: E42, E43, W2, W3, E21, E53, E51, E33, E35, E39, RV02, RV55, Y11, Y15, Y38, YR04, YG03, YG17, V12, V15. Foam Sheet, Distress Ink-Tea Stain.

For more tips on creating with the flower shaping molds, watch the tutorial at

Card size: 6 1/8 X 7 1/4".  Cut white 6 X 12”, score then fold in half.  Cut a piece of dark brown 6 1/8 X 6 1/8”.  Cut a piece of foam sheet 4 3/4 X 4 3/4" (brown or black is best but white will be ok). Cut a Plaid 6 X 6 panel from decorative paper and cut it down to 5 3/4 X 5 3/4".  Cut a decorative scene with trees and log in front to 4 3/4 X 4 3/4", cut 2 kraft Festive Holiday dies. On the decorative scene panel,  use the large square die in the Cut Mat and Create 2A to cut out the center.  Use the scene frame as a pattern to cut out the foam sheet with the square to match (save the inside square for something else).  Glue the paper to the foam sheet, matching edges and opening edges, glue the kraft die cuts to the back side of foam frame top right corner and bottom left corner.  Sponge Tea Stain Distress Ink on the edges inside and out of the paper/foam frame then glue it to the plaid panel centering.  Take the square cut out of the scene panel and glue it down into popped up frame.   Glue the plaid to the brown cardstock then to the card front.

Stamp critters, trees, landscapes (flowers, rocks/grass), and the coneflowers using black ink, die cut and color.  Glue small trees to the background over/with scene trees including 1 on and extending over the frame.  Glue deer to the background (use a craft knife to cut around the leaves etc. to tuck deer behind them).  Pop flowers, bunny, rocks onto frame, the tall coneflowers up the 2 sides.

Stamp “Happy Birthday” using black onto kraft cardstock then die cut it with a circle die.  Use a larger circle die to make a  mat with dark brown.  Glue the mat to the sentiment then pop it up on the top right corner of the frame.  Because this is a masculine card no glitter was used.
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2 Samuel 7:22 New King James Version (NKJV)

22 Therefore You are great, [a]O Lord God. For there is none like You, nor is there any God besides You, according to all that we have heard with our ears.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

HC Sea Breeze Debut Circle Layered Book

Good morning!

Warm balmy breezes, glistening sun baked sand, and the sound of frothy waves lapping at the shoreline are the perfect assembling of elements to create a tranquil and soothing haven where a tired soul can find rest. The sights, smells, and sounds of the ocean somehow know how speak to your inner most being and conjure up feelings of fresh hope, renewed dreams, and a sense of well-being, as troubles are cast aside, drifting off to the bottom of the sea. A large, towering lighthouse stands vigilant, ready to bring those at on the water safely home while at the same time beckoning you to come for a closer look as you stroll across the gritty ground, bending low to gather tiny, opalescent sea shells as your meander along the shoreline. Enjoy the peace and tranquility that sea breezes carry as you immerse yourself in the beauty and solitude of the new Sea Breeze Collection from Heartfelt Creations! Roll up your pant legs and stroll through a captivating paper collection filled with hues of crisp ocean blues, light sandy browns, glistening corals, and stunning sunset oranges intertwined with faded yellows and fiery reds. Discover beautiful beach scenes displaying stately lighthouses, soaring seagulls, and elegant sailboats as you saunter through every page of this peaceful and calming assembling of artistically styled decorative papers. Stamp, color and die cut your very own seaside harbor retreats for all of your paper crafting creations with the wonderful assortment of cling stamp sets and coordinating dies, boasting detailed illustrations of sand engulfed fences, rocky lighthouse abodes, charming row boats, and pretty sea shells. So, shed your sandals, breathe deeply, and join us as we take in the soothing ambiance of the seaside with the breathtaking Sea Breeze Collection!
This morning for this debut I have 2 cards for you, the first one is this circle layered book.  These books are going fast because they are on sale as a limited edition now and once they are gone there will be no more.
You can still make one though by die cutting your own circles out of kraft cardstock.

the shore lines (where there is a shore) have texture paste on them and glitter for the foaming waves that come to shore.

HCD1-7264     SeaBreeze Harbor Die
HCD1-7265     Sandand Sunset Die
HCD1-7266     A Dayat Sea Die
HCPC-3890     SeaBreeze Harbor Stamp Set
HCPC-3892     Sandand Sunsets Stamp Set
HCPC-3892     A Dayat Sea Stamp Set
HCDP1-2107   SeaBreeze Paper Collection
HCD1-7263     Swirly Accent Spray Die
HCD1-7211    Decorative Pocket Accents Die
HCD1-7202     AlbumTags and Accents Die
HCD1-7203    Ornamental Tags Die
HCD1-7155    Circle Basics Large Die
HCD1-7154    Eyelet Circle & Basics Small
RINK44444    Ranger Texture Paste Opaque
PGM15015     RajniChawla’s Crystal Clear
352854          Metal Tip for Adhesive
159723          Dries Clear Adhesive
HCLC1-454-3  6 X 6Layered Circles Card-Kraft
TSMP900       Tuxedo Black Memento Ink

Other Products:
White cardstock, Kraft cardstock, color pencils, foam tape, Crystal Stickles, ribbon

For more tips on creating with the layered card & shadowboxes, watch the tutorial at

Card size: 6 X 6”.  Cut 5 3/4" square panels for each page front and back.  Draw around circle cut out of each page onto corresponding paper panels then cut out the circles with the circle die to fit.  After all pages are cut front and back then glue the layered book together.  Glue each decorative paper panel onto it’s page, front and back.  Cut kraft cardstock with the circle dies to create frames for each circle cut out, front and back.  Cut Decorative Pocket Accents die 5 times from kraft cardstock for the top of each page (front only).  Cut 4 corners from Swirly Accent Spray Die out of kraft, cut 8 corners from Album Tags and Accents, (corners go on the back of pages.  Cut out 2 circle tag sentiments and 1 small tag sentiment for the book, (tags are on the backs of pages as well).

Stamp 2 sets of birds, 2 sailboats, 2 sets of sand pipers, 2 sets of shells, 2 row boats, 2 lighthouse, 1 fence, 1 bird on post, 1 large cloud, die cut birds sailboats pipers, bird on post and cloud.  (For the lighthouse, die cut rocks only on one of them.  For the shells, die cut shells only on 1.  For the row boat, die cut boat only on 1. These parts will all be layered on top of the whole) Color all pieces (colored pencils were used for this sample). Foam tape the rock over rocks on lighthouse scene, foam tape the row boat onto row boat scene, foam tape shells on top of shell scene.

On the first 2 pages as well as the back, tear some tan decorative paper to use for sand and glue to the bottom of those pages.  Use texture paste and a pallet knife or finger to make foamy tide coming into shore then add glitter before it dries.  Add texture paste and glitter to the shoreline of the row boat scene as well.  Let dry

Front (page 1), glue fence to left side, bird on post to right side, shells in the middle and sand pipers right and left side.  Glue a flying bird top left.  Glitter sand and shells.  On the back, glue 2 swirly corners and 1 round tag.

Page 2- Glue the row boat set to bottom left matching sand lines then foam tape 2 sand pipers to sand.  Foam tape one flying bird to the top right.  Add Stickles to the water and glitter to the sand.  On the back, glue 2 Swirly corners and 1 round tag.

Page 3- glue sail boat to left side matching horizons, glue a flying bird to the left top.  Add Stickles to the water.  On the back, glue 4 Album Tags and Accent corners to the corners.  Cut out a sentiment from the decorative paper and fish tail ends then glue it to the top of back.

Page 4- Glue large cloud to top of circle cut out, glue flying birds right and left and glue second sail boat to circle cut out about 3/4" in from the left side.  Add Stickles to the water.  On the back, glue 4 corners on and small die cut tag.

Back page- Glue sunset on matching horizons then use a combination of gluing and foam taping for the lighthouse set.  Glue 2 more birds in the sky.  Add Stickles to the water and glitter to the sand.  Make sure to allow drying time for the Stickles on each page that has it.

The Beach House

Just in case you need some help figuring out what the striped thing is, LOL! It is a window seat type couch with cord piping.  In my imagination the center bench part lifts up for extra storage.  Who likes to waste space right?


Other Products:
White cardstock, ribbon, square punch 1” and 1 1/4", cord blue and ivory, smoky Oxide ink, foam sheet. Foam tape, Copic Markers: B21, B24, BG11, RV11, V12, V15, Y21, Y24, R17, R29, C2, C3, W3, W5, E81, E84, Y11, Y15, Y38, R81, white Gel Pen.

For more tips on creating with the flower shaping molds, watch the tutorial at
Card size: 6 X 6”.  Cut blue decorative paper to 5 3/4 X 5 3/4".  Cut white cardstock 4 X 5 3/4" then score every 1/4" to make bead board.  Cut a thin 1/4" white strip and glue it to the top as chair rail, sponge with gray then glue it to the blue panel leaving 1 3/4” blue at the top.  Cut window out.  Cut a piece of foam sheet 5 1/2 X 5 1/2" and cut the window out of it as well then glue the foam sheet to the back of wall panel.  Cut a piece of white cardstock a little larger than the window opening and sponge it with blue, pink and orange sunset colors.

Stamp the sunset and small lighthouse, extra clouds and tiny flying birds, die cut then color with Copics.  Glue the sunset to the white sponged panel, glue on extra clouds then foam tap lighthouse.  Glue the decorated panel to the back of the foam so that scene shows through window.  Stamp the window frame and cut it out then cut out all but the top 3 square sections (leave these as a decorative element).  Glue the frame onto opening.

Punch 2 white 1 1/4" square and 2  1” squares out of tan.  Glue 1 tan to each white square then glue individual shells onto them as beach art for the house.  Tie a knot from blue cord also as a decoration for the house.  Make a window treatment from blue striped ribbon and glue it to the top of window.  Make 2 chairs and window bench with white cardstock and stripe it with strips of 1/8” blue decorative paper.  Use ivory cord to trim it out like piping.

Stamp Happy Birthday onto vellum with Danube Blue Memento and let dry (use a heat gun to speed up drying).  Cut fish tails at ends and glue it to the window bench.  Add glitter to scene outside the window.  Glue finished card front to a 12 X 6” piece of white cardstock folded to 6 X 6”.