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Monday, May 20, 2013

Hero Arts

Melissa and I had a great time at the Hero Arts factory!  We got a tour of the factory and had classes all day!!
What a day, it was really fun but the traffic on the way home!?!!... OMGosh!  Thankfully Melissa was driving because it would have caused me heart failure I think!  My hat is off to you who have to drive in that every day for work!
We did take a break from driving to visit Ikea.  I have never seen one before, now I just want to gut my house and start over with all their wonderful storage!!
Oh and of course, we stopped in Tracy for In-n-Out burgers!! Yummy!! We don't have those in Oakhurst.  We waved at Angelica Turner from Heartfelt as we left Tracy!

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Melissa said...

Robin, you are a great co-pilot and welcome to co-pilot for me anytime. It was a great day and look forward to our next road trip. Maybe Ikea in Sacramento...when we have more time to look around. :)