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Monday, October 26, 2015

The Misti review

  1. A Tool for All Techniques
  2. First things first, I would like to say how the MISTI lives up to its name...totally the best invention for stampers. I like using the MISTI to be able to make multiple impressions of the same image or sentiment because one impressions is NEVER black enough to look really good, especially on a background done with some technique already... To get good coverage you must stamp more than once and the MISTI makes it possible to do that without over-stamping smudges.
  3. The MISTI helps me find a perfect alignment for sentiments or accent images. I can place my stamp on my project where I want it to be, close the lid of the MISTI, picking up the stamp on the acrylic surface and then because of the gridlines, I can see if it is straight. The gridlines help me make minor adjustments, as necessary.
  4. I have also used the MISTI lately to do multiple colors for a solid stamp. I could do one color at a time and never have to worry about placement.
  5. Another way that I have enjoyed my MISTI lately is to over-stamp an image that has been stamped once and colored. Yes, scary, but it looks fabulous! When I color, I first stamp with Memento black and color with Copic Markers, but Memento black is NOT black enough for my preference. After I color, I put my image cardstock back into the MISTI and use the same stamp inked with Versafine Black and repeat the impression. Wow, what a difference, and now the image looks so sharp and crisp
  6. Finally, I use the MISTI for exact placement when I do a scene of some kind, like the Fairy Lights card I made above and the Fairy In the Moonlight below. I was able to pre-place all of my images on the card front without the burden and time of using a stamp aligner.
  7.  For example, I was able to place my fairy toe exactly on top of the mushroom with no errors or open spacing.
The MISTI has been helpful to me in many stamping situations. Yes, it's the most important stamp tool invented.
Another example of placement and the fairy was stamped probably 5 times to get it nice and black and complete in coverage.
This is the card where I stamped each color separately
This card was stamped with Memento black and colored with Copic Markers then after completely colored, re-stamped with VersaFine black to give the image some real pop and definition!  
I hope you have enjoyed this review of the Misti tool (Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented).
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