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Friday, June 23, 2017

ODBD - Wedding Swing Card

Good morning!
This is my inspiration card for this week.
I made my own swing card using the Oval dies.  You can use any basic shape really but I chose the oval to better fit the wedding cake.

Closed view
This Swing card is about 5 X 5"

Open view
I did my card using card stock 5" X 7" and my middle (swing section) is 1".
Make the base and then use a smaller nesting die to make the designer paper cuts.   Yes, there may be a bit of measuring to can do it!
You need 2 smaller ovals, 1 for the front and 1 for the back.
Stamp and decorate as desire.  Make sure the decorations on the right side isn't in far enough to be in the way of your card folding flat.
ODBD stamps used for this card: Long Lasting Love.
ODBD dies: Ovals, Pierced Ovals, Bitty Blossoms
ODBD paper: Wedding Wishes

Tutorial in photos for the flip fold (Swing Card)
You can use pretty much any shape to make the flip fold.

 Draw light pencil lines where you want the fold.  Place your die so that the middle of the die is on the first line.  Make sure your lines are not too far apart so that part of the die hangs over the second line.  Place the top cutting plate on the line and cut (it will only cut where the top plate is).  Turn the card around and place the top plate on the other line to cut only that part of the die.

 Your cut will look like this first photo.  Then take your card to your scoring system (The ScorePal used here).  Score just to the cuts on the lines drawn and fold card on those lines (erase lines).  You should have your flip.  When open one side shows, when closed the other side shows.

for more direction please visit this tutorial from Norma Lee.  she is the one who gave me the courage to try.  It is very easy once you've done it.

ODBD Products used

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Susie Williams said...

Oh wow, this is so beautiful my sweet Robin. Clearly you are the sistah from anudder mudder with ALL the talent. I have tried this technique and just end up with a thumping big hole in the middle of my card. I shall follow your terrific instructions and give it another try. Having trouble emailing so I hope you see this. Back to your is beautiful beyond words, xxx

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Robin, this is exquisite! It is absolutely gorgeous and so elegant with the swing fold. Thanks for the reminder about the instructions. Your colors and design are beautiful, and I really love the bitty floral arrangements in the corners and the lovely sentiment inside! This card will be cherished by the new Mr. and Mrs.! Hugs and love, sweet friend! xoxo (P. S. I agree with Susie! Hehe! I may have to try this again myself!)

SussiPoppins said... this card!