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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Heartfelt Fairy Purr-fect Birthday

Good morning!
Here is a fun card with pockets and tags galore!
I combined the cute fairy girls with the cute kitties.


Tags mostly out

top tag

bottom tag

Card open

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White cardstock, 3M Foam Tape, FlowerSoft, Copic Markers: C1,C3,C5,BV20,RV00,RV10,RV02,B00,B01,B02,E50,E53,E33,E35,Y00,Y11,Y15,Y18,YR00,YR02,BV00,BV01,BV02,YG61,YG82,E42,E43,E70,E71,E81,W2

For more tips on creating with the flower shaping molds, watch the tutorial at

Card size: 8 1/2 X 7 1/2".  Fold Insert so that you have: (Going right to left) far right-6 1/2, then 5”, 5”, 3” and 1 3/4".  Cut far right side with the Fleur Border Basic (you will need 2 cuts because the card is a little too tall). Cut an eyelet border from Fleur Borders X 2.  Cut paper to go onto each panel including both sides of the card inside.  Glue paper and then glue border to right side.  The folded top will be glued, top and bottom only creating a 3” pocket that opens on the left and a 1 3/4" pocket that opens on the left.  Cut 2 Regal Pocket Accents with straight slots then glue both to the top of the 1 3/4" top so that the slot opening meets the edge of the left pocket side opening.  Glue the other side of the accent to the 5” panel so that tags can be slipped in and out easily without interference.

Stamp kitties and fairies with London Gray, log with Cocoa, leaves with Fern green, Sweet Shoppe and treats with black, die cut and color with Copics or favorite coloring method.  Stamp Posies with Buttercup, Magenta Hue, Deep Purple and Forget-Me-Not, sponge, die cut, form (see video) then stamp leaves with Leaf Green and sponge with Chartreuse  and die cut then form.  Cut a tag using Tickets and Tags from decorative paper and stamp using Deep Purple “On Your Special Day” tie with purple ribbon and insert into the right opening 1 3/4" pocket.  Cut 2 more tags using the Album Tags from decorative paper and from white cardstock to reinforce.  Cut slots at the top and tie with purple ribbon.  Create scenes on each large tag using kitties and fairies.  Glitter the wings with Ultrafine.  Insert each tag into pockets created on the left (they will stick out of pocket about 2 3/4").   Open the card and decorate the inside with Sweet Shoppe, treats, extra balloons, balloon kitty and hat kitty.  Stamp birthday sentiment using Deep Purple onto blue sky decorative paper, die cut using Album Tags and Accents then cut the eyelet mat out of white.   Glue the sentiment to left side of open card.  Cut 6 white corners and glue them into the 6 straight edged corners of open card.  And fine glitter to all the flowers on the paper.  Use Rajni’s Crystal Clear glitter on the Posies.  Decorate the corners  left side and front of card with 3D Posies.


Other Products:
White cardstock, pearls, Copic Markers: RV00, RV10, RV02, RV04, C2, C3, Ribbon, London Fog Memento, foam sheet

For more tips on creating with the flower shaping molds, watch the tutorial at
For more tips on creating with the diamond dies, watch the tutorial at

Card size: 5 1/2 X 6 1/2".  Cut yellow with pink print to 5 1/8 X 6 1/8” and then yellow print 5 X 6” and glue to white base.  Cut 2 Petite Pocket Accents Die, 1 large basic diamond, 1 Lacy Diamond (outside and inside) out of white.  Cut 2 smaller basic Diamonds out of the prints.  Cut a piece of foam sheet with the large Basic Diamond.  Glue the 2 Petite Pocket Accents onto card just far enough away so that points of Diamonds fit inside of the half circles.  Glue the foam to the back of the large Basic Diamond and glue to card then glue the Lacy Diamond on top of the basic Diamond.  Glue the yellow/pink print then the yellow print onto the Lacy Diamond and last of all the (inside part) of the Lacy Diamond.  Glue a pearl to each intersection.

Stamp a vase with London Fog, stamp leaves with Fern Green, stamp tulip blossoms with Magenta Hue and Buttercup, sponge flowers with stamp color and leaves with Leaf Green.  Form blossoms in the Shaping Mold and the leaves with Flower Shaping Kit.  Color the vase with pinks and grays.  Attach Tulips and leaves to the back of the vase.  Cut a round tag from decorative paper and top it with a bow.    Pop up the vase and tag to the left side of card.  Glitter the card randomly.  Glue a large pearl to each corner.

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Jan's Paper Flowers said...

You've done it again my friend...two absolutely gorgeous and creative cards. Love how you used the fairies and the kitties together, they're a perfect match. The design on that one is amazing and the yellow card is so elegant. Love those tulips!

craftieodmae said...

Both are Gorgeous!!You are so clever!!

Patricia Manhire said...

These are just so beautiful! I love how you have incorporated the little girls with the kitties and I love love your second card with those beautiful colours!!