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Friday, November 24, 2017

Heartfelt- Special Black Friday Debut

Good morning everyone!
Happy Black Friday!
Today is the day we've all been looking forward to and I can't wait to show you what I've been up to for Heartfelt Creations!

It was my pleasure to do this wonderful new album
to showcase not only the beautiful album but also the 
fantastic new flower molds Heartfelt Creations now has available.
I was able to use the Floral Basics Shaping Mold on most of the flowers in this book and the Rose Flower Mold for others.
I have a project coming up where I use the Poinsettia Flower Mold and boy is that fantastic!
This book is all about a particular backpacking trip my husband Andy and I took.
We have gone hiking and backpacking for most of our vacations over the last 35 years

Tag journaling: At 8,600 foot elevation, Tuolumne Meadows is the gateway to the Yosemite High Sierra.  It is a stunning wilderness of flowery meadows, snowcapped peaks and oceans of sparkling granite. A great place to cool off escaping the valley heat in summer.  We intentionally live near one of the great wonders of the world, Yosemite.  Everyone has their own special desires of what they want to do and where they want to go, this is our special place.  We often start our back-country adventures from this place called Tuolumne Meadows High Sierra Camp.
Journaling says: Some look for gold but we look for the jewels of the Sierra-wildflowers! Rivers that turn to liquid gold as the sun starts to set and the alpine glow begins.  Every mountain top is aflame with super-natural light during this time of day.
Journaling say:(page 4 top) Casting off a sandy bar with the lodge pole pine forest behind and towering above that the snow covered granite peaks of Cathedral. (page 4 bottom) Tuolumne River sending swiftly flowing snow melt down to pools of ice cold water, a trout's heaven and a trout fisherman's delight! Timber forest open to a snow covered Cathedral Peak.  The fish are not hungry, shy to the lure splash they "run" to hide, move along, try some place else.  Who is persistent? A fisherman, focus and determination in motion...a duck could waddle past and who would notice? A bear could come to see and who would know? What a joy it is when my only concern is "what gear to use", be gentle, catch and release.
(page 5) A voice calls out, "Let's get going", it startles, oh yes, we were on a hike to where?
Journaling says: 
Finally on the trail, with every step we leave the cares of life behind us, our
 eyes and ears, our senses  begin to open and receive the beauty of the Lord
 in this place.
 A Kelty backpack, who knew it could be a trade up for a set of golf clubs, she
 hates golf, and I was clueless.   30 plus years of backpacking with a Kelty and
 Time is non-existent for a few days, rested, anxious, and ready.
 Fresh on the trail from Soda Springs in Tuolumne Meadows, we are on our way
 to Glen Aulin, a flowing  moving active force of water powered by plunging through
 the Tuolumne River Canyon, cascades and  waterfalls all along the way.
 No phone, no regular worldly cares, concerns or responsibilities.  Now it is the
 pleasure of the company with no distractions.  It’s the feeling of the wind, the
 scent of the mountains and trees, the sparkling of towering white granite bluffs
 and domes, the treasure of the jewels of the Sierra, wildflowers.

 How good it is the have a like-minded companion to share such a precious time
 and place. Years later with reflection, it is even more wonderful!
Rivers form from High Country glacial lakes Like Mt. Dana and Mt. Lyell, they flow down-hill into this river called Tuolumne in Tuolumne Meadows, we follow the river down the” Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne” as it cascades and falls.  In one place the force of the water creates a most spectacular event (usually only in early spring) called “The Water Wheels”.  The water cascades over rocks with so much force that it creates actual “wheels” of water when it hits some particular rocks in the cascade.  We usually hike there after resting in Glen Aulin, (where our favorite waterfall of the High Country is found).  This photo is at our resting place on the way down to Glen Aulin, it is flat area and a very good place for fishing, taking off boots and refreshing our feet in the ice cold water.
 “The mighty Sierra, miles in height…so gloriously colored and so radiant, it seemed not clothed with light but wholly composed of it, like the wall of some celestial city…Then it seemed to me that the Sierra should be called, not the Nevada or Snowy Range, but the Range of Light.” John Muir
Journaling: (page 10 top) Tuolumne River cascades down the river gorge.
(page 10 bottom) 
The excitement and thrill of the ascent, rough going at times as there
is no trail, but exhilarating all the same and then the exultation of
the view from the top, so many smiles to What is a smile but the
outward showing of the joy inside of us.  We are tired from the climb
but so happy to be at the top. 
Life can be a balancing act, God can tilt it in your favor, GO!
(Page 11) 
A place that warms our soul, the higher we go in elevation
the happier we get or is it the lack of oxygen?  I’m sure it
 is this special place!
We were there!

Each page has a scripture printed on the paper.
Journaling: (page 14 top) 
Do you want to see greatness and power in motion, stand at
the base of a waterfall, feel and see it!
(Page 15 top) 
Life can wear you down, cause soreness and even blisters, what is more pleasant and refreshing
 than to stop, take off those boots and feel the coolness of flowing mountain water, wiggle the
 toes, let the pebbles of river rock message your feet and be refreshed.
 High on the rocky slopes the snow melts, trickles, gathers together and begins to flow
 making a creek and then a river.  The earth comes alive as it passes down through canyons,
 gorges and meadows then here we are, we are in it, a part of it.
Lounging on a natural rock “chair”
 at the base of a 500’ cascading river,
 mist is floating on the air and at
 the base of this cascade is a deep
 swirling emerald pool of water…
totally irresistible. 

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HCFB1-462     3D Rose Shaping Mold
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For more tips on creating with the flower shaping molds, watch the tutorial
For more tips on creating with the journals, watch the tutorial

Approx. 9” X 8” 3 ring binder Journal Album.  Cover:  8” X 8 ½ piece of Flowering Dogwood trimmed at the bottom with the Sweetheart Border Die.  Under the die cut is a strip of light pink decorative paper.  Photo is framed with Flowering Dogwood paper and blue card stock.  Scripture panel comes from the Daily Blessings Journal pages.  Add flowers formed with the 3-D molds and stylist and filled with Prills or Pearl stamen.  Finish with rhinestone flourishes.  Finish spine with ribbon and tags from the Flowering Dogwood and Birds and Blooms.
Cover inside front and back with Classic Petunia Paper and Border Essentials die cuts.  Stamp Today’s Quotes with Wilted Violet Distress Ink  on Classic Petunia Paper and cut with Circles die then mat with white using the circle dies.  Cut a panel from the Classic Petunia paper and a little tag then attach the little tag with ribbon.  I did my journaling on the computer and printed on transparency.  Back inside in made the same way using the oval dies for sentiment instead of the circles.
Pages:  After matting and applying photos to chosen pages (some are tucked under designs in paper using an X-Acto knife to make slits) I glued paged back to back because I decided not to use the plain lined sides (except page 1).  That also helped to hide my slits in paper where I tucked photos in.  I then chose flowers, birds, animals and borders to decorate each page.  After decorating each page and using the molds for flowers making it quick and easy, I added my journaling to each page.

Thank you for visiting today!!

Psalm 119:105New Living Translation (NLT)

105 Your word is a lamp to guide my feet
    and a light for my path.


Janine said...

A truly beautiful album. I admire your way of restricting the number of photos and yet really capturing your trip. I also admire the fact you go backpacking - haven't camped since a guide and would miss my creature comforts.

sandra carey said...

Such a fantastic Album Robin hugs s xx

Jan's Paper Flowers said...

Gorgeous and creative Journal Robin! Love it!

Olga Jewell said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Susie Williams said...

This is so incredibly beautiful. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent my sweet Robin and a special peep into yours and Andy's wonderful adventures.

SussiPoppins said...

Great album...nice to see it featured on the Heartfelt Creations site banner and promotion...good on you! Inky hugs.

Melissa Cash said...

Robin, your album is beautiful, just like you! You are so right, we live in such a beautiful place. I always tell people.....Yosemite is my backyard!

Patricia Manhire said...

Wow - this such a beautiful album.

Karan Gerber said...

i thought this was your album being featured on the website, its gorgeous and so deserving of the main preview.

jdmommy - Anne Harmon said...

Robin, this journal is like you...........just amazing!! Such a beautiful treasure.

Pamela Korte said...

Psalms have so much wisdom and your journal provides wonderful memories! Great going.

Benzi said...

Had to run over here from SCS and see your beautiful journal. It must have taken a while to make but so worth it. What a treasure.

nwilliams6 said...

Wow, Robin, this is amazing!!! I am so darn impressed with everything including your trip!!