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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Liebster Award

This morning when I opened my private messages at SplitCoastStampers, I found out my blog has been nominated for the Liebster Award by my talented blogging friend Elizabeth Lincoln.  I know Elizabeth as "I Love Rubber" at SCS.   Visit her blog Paper pass times and prepare to be impressed. 

The Liebster Award helps bring awareness to blogs with less than 300 followers. I entered into the world of blogging in May of 2013 and this award would greatly help in sharing my work.  Thanks for the honour and the hand up Elizabeth.

Rules for participating in the Liebster Award nominations:

Thank your Liebster  Blog Award presenter on your blog and answer the 11 questions they presented
- Link back to your presenter's blog
- Copy and Paste the pink Liebster logo to your blog
- Nominate 5 blogs to receive the award, who have less than 300 followers and create a list of 11 new              questions for them, and
- Inform them of their nomination

I hope you'll take time to visit these amazing artists, I know you will be impressed.

Here's my list of questions for my nominees to answer:
1) What or who started you rubber stamping?
2) What do you do when not in your stamping area?
3) Who has influenced your style?
4) Are you a multi-tasker or single-mindedly finish what you start no matter what?
5) What is your favorite coloring method?
6) Why?
7) What is the funniest thing to happen while crafting?
8) If you could go to a crafting weekend or retreat, where would you go?
9) Who would you want to take along for a great time?
10) Do you try to keep your craft room neat/tidy?
11) Do you organize by color, type, manufacturer or what?

These are the questions asked me by Elizabeth:
1. Was there a single event that lead you to crafting? My mother was an artist and so my sisters and I have always been involved with art of one kind or another since my mother did a lot of different crafts.
2. What other art forms to you enjoy? Photography & scrapbooking are the only other crafts I do presently but I HAVE done numerous others in the past such as quilting, sewing, candle making, Tole painting, macrame, cross stitching, oil and watercolor, etc.
3. What other crafts have influenced your style?  Watercolor, Tole painting.
4. When you go shopping in a crafting store what is the one weakness you can't resist? paper, ribbon, etc.?  Dies and/or embossing folders
5. Have you influenced others in your family to also craft? My son and daughter are very good at drawing and that is basically all they do at present.
6. Do you work one creation through to completion or do you multi task with many on the go at one time? Both depending on if I get stuck, I leave it and move on, going back when I get more ideas.
7. What is your favorite coloring medium?  I love my Copics. Why? They blend so well. I love the colors you can achieve.
8. What is the funniest thing that has ever happened while crafting? One night my sister and I were painting on T-shirts, it was very late and she was getting the shirt she had on into paint every time she reach over toward my side of the table, when I noticed I pointed it out to her and we both started laughing so hard my husband came out of our room, where he had been fast asleep, and got on to us which , of course, made us laugh even harder!
9. If you could go on a crafting weekend with 3 other crafters who would they be? Melissa Cash, Ronda Clark and Kim Meeks...they are all very fun girls to craft with.
10. Is your craft room tidy or do you like creative disorder? I like creative disorder which is in order to me.
11. If you could go on a holiday to any art gallery in the world, what would it be?  Italy or France not sure which I would like to see the most or where the most art is.
Thanks so much for dropping by InkMagination.  I would be totally thrilled if you
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Elizabeth said...

Love your answers to the questions. Sounds like you come from a whole crafting family. Not sure if I am following you or not. I hit the follow button on the right side but it didn't ask me any questions. As I've never seen this circle thing before I may not have actually signed up.
Cheers Elizabeth

Diana Nguyen said...

Thank you for the nomination, Robin! Love reading your answers and learning more about you. Hugs, sweet friend!